We believe that curiosity is a good starting point for creation. The need to know is what drives us to seek and create.

That’s our job, find and create in the field of communication, advertising and design. Shape good ideas, support them, and push them until they become solid, mature, and useful ideas. Come on … profitable ideas that help our customers connect, communicate, sell or to be.

We live day by day, because things change fast, very fast and when we have it, bang! A new way. It is what the future holds, that’s why we prefer to adapt and live in constant change, it seems crazy, but you get used to it and you end up controlling the situation.

If you have come this far it is thanks to your curiosity. So we already have something in common. Welcome.

Xavier Juan

Partner and Creative Director

Montse Guerra

Art Director

Annika Gou

Design and Web Manager

Marta Sabater

Partner and Planner

Joan Teruel

Senior Developer

Onia González

Content writing and CM

Jordi Cabané